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The Fallen - Logan/Duncan, Veronica

Title: The Fallen
Author(s): thiswholeflight & atomic_eyes.
Pairing/Characters: Logan/Duncan, mentions of V/L & V/D, Veronica.
Rating: R for sexual situations (It's not graphic) and mild violence, language. Also obviously SLASH.
Word Count: 2,883
Summary: Logan's answer is Duncan's undoing. He won't be wailing on a SUV this time. Spoilers for ALL OF SEASON 1 but mostly "Leave it to Beaver"
A/N: OMG. We are entirely too insane. This came about during random commenting and became the solution to 'OMG LET'S WRITE A JOINT FIC" not like a joint fic, gah you people think too much like Logan. "Omg, joint. That's funny, man." Anyway, this is like our child, man. Enjoy.

('You know, I never thought I'd wish myself dead.' Logan's bitter laughter rings through the air briefly before it fades away.)

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