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6/21/05 06:31 pm - iridescentglow - Fic: 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles'

Title: A Little Less Sixteen Candles
Author: Nicola
Word Count: 6,316
Rating: R
Summary: "I think," Logan said at last. "The hero is about to get it on."
Spoilers: 'Leave It To Beaver'
Warnings: threesome! (duh . . .)

A Little Less Sixteen CandlesCollapse )

6/14/05 04:46 pm - sullyvann

I’m planning on starting a Veronica Mars theme community and a Duncan/Veronica ficathon community. Anyone interested in applying to be a co-mod for either community should read this post HERE.


6/7/05 08:25 pm - missambs - Mod-ness

Okay, look, I know that the last fic posted here HAD to be by a troll. It's obvious. It's kind of cute, honestly, but I don't want trolls here. Still, it brings up a few points that I should make clear.

This is a community for Duncan/Logan/Veronica, and furthermore, a community for Duncan, Logan, and Veronica. Don't bash any of the characters. Seriously, don't. You can poke fun, of course, but there's a pretty big line between poking fun and completely and disgustingly massacring a character just to get them out of the way. Dude, the userinfo says Logan/Veronica is welcome if it treats Duncan with respect (or any other pairing that can be derived from D/L/V, and whatever character isn't paired, etc.) This means he must be a major player in the fic, and he must not be characterized as senselessly abusive or mean. He's not.

ALSO. The age thing. Come on, people. We're dedicated to a threesome relationship. Swearing and talk about sex is not only welcome here, but expected. I'm not going to check up on everyone and see if they're over 18, because honestly I think that older teens can be and often ARE mature enough to handle these themes. Just... you know, try to read carefully and don't TELL me if you click on an NC-17 fic. And, dude, I do expect you to at least PRETEND to be 18, though. I mean, just don't make it obvious that you're a child. It makes people feel dirty. If you DO make it obvious you're a child you WILL be removed from the community, with a note of why. If you return, you will be banned.

And for the love of god, get a program that spell-checks and make use of it.

6/7/05 04:34 pm - logansheroes - Fic: Veronica's Past and Present (LoVe/Duncan a little bit!) PG

Title: Veronica's Past and Present
Author: Ashlie!!
Pairing/Character: LoVe! and a little bit of tirangle with Duncan i guess!
Word Count: 747
Rating: PG for kissing and a little bit of violance
Summary: Veronica has been looking for Logan, so she oges to Duncan for help finding him!
Spoilers/Warnings: All of season 1 I guess so don't read it if you're still getting hooked!!

Notes: This is my second fic thank you for the feedback on the first one you can find it at my journal if you didn't see it before!

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5/31/05 04:06 pm - morbidmuse - Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (Logan/Veronica/Duncan)

Title: Unique Forms of Continuity in Space
Author E-mail: Amandab9@aol.com
Shipper: Logan/Veronica/Duncan
Rated: R
Spoilers: Leave it to Beaver
Summary: Veronica realizes that they are teenagers. That she’s a teenager, too. So she closes Duncan’s door and sits down on the bed next to Logan.
Word Count: 1,548
Note 1: The title comes from the sculpture by Boccioni with the same name. It shows the figure of a man moving through space yet since it is only a sculpture; it is really just standing still. For more information on this art work, visit
Note 2: A big thank you for to cl1ffhanger for offering to beta this. And a gigantic thank you to para1 for going through this and ripping it apart. You did so much work and took so much time out of your life to make this a million times better. I really can’t thank you enough.

Unique Forms of Continuity in SpaceCollapse )

5/25/05 09:36 pm - passionflows - fic: oh look what you've done

Title: oh look what you've done
Author: passionflows
Pairing: Duncan/Logan/Veronica
Word Count: 2073
Rating: Hard R
Summary: High school breakups are supposed to happen the way they do in movies.
Spoilers/Warnings: Everything through 1x21, slash
A/N: This has been the absolute worst week ever so I finished this to keep my mind off things. Feedback is deeply appreciated.

oh look what you've done

5/23/05 12:00 am - missambs - Masterlist of D/L/V Fic

This is just the beginning of a list I started to compile a few days ago. I'll be adding more as I come across them. Please note that, for the purposes of this list, fics that feature L/V, D/V and D/L, threesome or not, are featured.

The FicsCollapse )

Please, if you've written a fic that I've missed, or you know of a fic that I've missed (which? at this point? is a lot), don't hesitate to comment. It makes my job easier!

5/22/05 09:13 am - sexycereal - Fic: Standing On The F-Word

Title: Standing On The F-Word
Author: Sorcha
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica, Duncan/Veronica, Logan/Duncan
Word Count: 3304
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There is a lot of aftermath related to October 3rd.
Spoilers/Warnings: Season 1. Slash.
AN: Written for missambs and also bellanut because she seems to think I'm a tease who doesn't go through with her promises.


5/20/05 07:03 pm - sexycereal - Okay guys...

Along the same lines as the actual name of the community but we all know and love the Logan/Veronica ship name LOVE. Well.. If we add in Duncan we get:


Yes, I'm spamming the community but I don't care. Someone has to.


Apparently pre-series Logan doesn't share well...

5/20/05 07:51 am - missambs

So, I'd like this community to be fun, active, and generate lots of squee for fans of Logan and his VD. ;p What do you think we should do?

Please click here for the poll!Collapse )

Feel free to suggest anything you think would be fun!

ETA: Also, feel free to post anything related to D/L/V. Fic, fanart, icons, commentary, etc. It's all good. Just please, please warn and LJ-cut and all that good stuff. (And spoilers for "A Trip to the Dentist" or "Leave it to Beaver" should be cut for at least a month. Better safe than sorry - I know how it is to stumble upon spoilers, and it kind of sucks.)

I trust you guys to know what you're doing, so I'm not going to set up strict rules just yet, but I may in the future.
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