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Fic: Of Dead Butterflies (Veronica/Logan/Duncan) NC-17

Title: Of Dead Butterflies
Author: rejeneration, but you can call me Jen.
Pairing/Character: The OT3, folks - Veronica/Logan/Duncan
Word Count: 7065
Rating: NC-17 for drug usage, language and sex like woah
Summary: What happens when, instead of imploding, the trio winds in tighter? Lots of firsts, all from Logan's POV.
Spoilers: AU. No brother-sister woes, no Shelley Pomeroy, no rape. Only one dead Lilly Kane.
A/N: I wrote this for my someone very special to me; she knows who she is. No matter what I say about her, it’s bound to make her blush… so I’ll keep it short and sweet, just as long as she knows what an effort it was! –smirk- The story also managed to tie in with the Loosing It Challenge over at vm_library, so therefore ‘tis my submission for this round. If you’re not at vm_library, you should be, don’t make me withhold naked!Logan. You know I will!
A/N 2: Sweet betaery kisses go to taken_with_you who offered up her awesomeness to help me out, and to the ever charming, ever incredible, always brilliant rindee. She rarely believes me, even when I cross my heart and hope to die, but she has the Midas touch. Everything she betas turns to… well, anyway, any issues remaining after these two beauties went through... obviously my own.

One flap of their wings, an ocean apart, is all it takes... to change a heart...
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