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7/29/07 09:53 pm - atomic_eyes - headers: kristen bell, matthew fox, michelle trachtenberg, ashlee simpson etc ...



( the shadow fades to light)

3/27/07 10:53 am - amidalashari - I Call Her Name (Duncan/Veronica, Logan/Lilly) PG-13

Title: I Call Her Name
Author: amidalashari
Pairing/Character: Duncan/Veronica, Logan/Lilly
Word Count: 1901
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Logan, Duncan and Veronica celebrate Homecoming the proper way. AU. Deviates from canon during episode 2:5 - Blast From The Past.

Memories both misty and watercoloured

1/5/07 04:00 pm - rejeneration - Fic: Of Dead Butterflies (Veronica/Logan/Duncan) NC-17

Title: Of Dead Butterflies
Author: rejeneration, but you can call me Jen.
Pairing/Character: The OT3, folks - Veronica/Logan/Duncan
Word Count: 7065
Rating: NC-17 for drug usage, language and sex like woah
Summary: What happens when, instead of imploding, the trio winds in tighter? Lots of firsts, all from Logan's POV.
Spoilers: AU. No brother-sister woes, no Shelley Pomeroy, no rape. Only one dead Lilly Kane.
A/N: I wrote this for my someone very special to me; she knows who she is. No matter what I say about her, it’s bound to make her blush… so I’ll keep it short and sweet, just as long as she knows what an effort it was! –smirk- The story also managed to tie in with the Loosing It Challenge over at vm_library, so therefore ‘tis my submission for this round. If you’re not at vm_library, you should be, don’t make me withhold naked!Logan. You know I will!
A/N 2: Sweet betaery kisses go to taken_with_you who offered up her awesomeness to help me out, and to the ever charming, ever incredible, always brilliant rindee. She rarely believes me, even when I cross my heart and hope to die, but she has the Midas touch. Everything she betas turns to… well, anyway, any issues remaining after these two beauties went through... obviously my own.

One flap of their wings, an ocean apart, is all it takes... to change a heart...

1/15/06 06:18 am - missambs - Fic: Win, Lose - R

Title: Win, Lose
Author: Amberina
Pairing: Duncan/Logan/Veronica
Rating: R (sexuality)
Spoilers: Um, set in a random time in s2, but I don't think there are spoilers past 2x01
Word Count: 570
Summary: Duncan would have told him that it wasn't a competition but that would be a lie.
Note: I was determined to write SOMETHING tonight, so um... here you go?

Things have been turned upside down and spun around in a blender.

1/13/06 08:49 pm - atomic_eyes - The Fallen - Logan/Duncan, Veronica

Title: The Fallen
Author(s): thiswholeflight & atomic_eyes.
Pairing/Characters: Logan/Duncan, mentions of V/L & V/D, Veronica.
Rating: R for sexual situations (It's not graphic) and mild violence, language. Also obviously SLASH.
Word Count: 2,883
Summary: Logan's answer is Duncan's undoing. He won't be wailing on a SUV this time. Spoilers for ALL OF SEASON 1 but mostly "Leave it to Beaver"
A/N: OMG. We are entirely too insane. This came about during random commenting and became the solution to 'OMG LET'S WRITE A JOINT FIC" not like a joint fic, gah you people think too much like Logan. "Omg, joint. That's funny, man." Anyway, this is like our child, man. Enjoy.

('You know, I never thought I'd wish myself dead.' Logan's bitter laughter rings through the air briefly before it fades away.)

xposted to loganduncan, veronicamarsfic loganhasvd & vmslash

12/10/05 04:44 pm - atomic_eyes

New Shipper Community for Logan/Duncan loganduncan. I'm aware it's not very creative, but eh not the point.


10/22/05 11:01 pm - sinaddict - Fic: Necrosis

Title: Necrosis
Pairings: Duncan/Logan, Duncan/Veronica, Veronica/Duncan/Logan
Word Count: 4,775
Rating: NC17
Summary: Death in bits and pieces, denial as a religion... Or 'normal' in Neptune.
Warnings: Spoilers through 2x04

Duncan's got some pretty damn good excuses. Too bad they don't mean shit.

10/12/05 11:50 pm - snoopypez - Dude. This community is dead. Which is sad.

spoiler for 203Collapse )

7/23/05 09:39 pm - sullyvann

I recently opened a Veronica Mars graphics journal kodak_moments and I was wondering if the mods would like to become affiliates.

Let me know!

7/5/05 07:40 pm - passionflows - fic: a war of words without a name

Title: a war of words without a name
Author: passionflows
Pairing/Character: Duncan/Veronica, Logan/Duncan, Veronica/Logan
Word Count: 3139
Rating: Hard R
Summary: It is easier to hurt with truth than with lies.
Spoilers/Warnings: Season one, slash, darkness
A/N: Feedback is loved and adored very, very much.

a war of words without a name
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